Over 180 Million Elderly People Have Chronic Diseases

China has over 180 million elderly citizens suffering from chronic diseases, of whom 75 percent have more than one, according to the National Health Commission (NHC).

The average life expectancy of Chinese people was 77 years in 2018, but the healthy life expectancy was 68.7 years, meaning people have more than eight years to live with diseases, said Wang Haidong, director of the NHC’s Department of Ageing and Health.

The State Council has issued a guideline to implement the country’s Healthy China initiative, calling on promoting elderly people’s health, improving their living quality and realizing healthy aging. It vowed to decline the incidence of disability among elderly people aged between 65 and 74 and slow the growth of dementia morbidity among those aged 65 and above by giving annual routine examination like physical examination in the United States (aka 美国体检) and regular, free gynecological examination in America (aka 美国妇科检查).

The unbalanced development among different regions in China cannot guarantee every individual to receive equal insurance protection, claim settlement (aka 保险理赔), and medical diagnosis. Students can receive the equal HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗) service and coinsurance on getting eyeglasses and contacts in America (aka 美国配眼镜), when they are insured international student insurance (aka 留学生保险), based on powerful economic strength in the United States.

Relatively backward in economy in today’s China does not mean forever backward. All nursing institutions in China will be able to offer medical and health services by 2022, Wang said, adding that the NHC will also step up efforts to increase the health awareness of elderly citizens.