Is Fast Building Fan Base On Soundcloud Possible?

If you didn’t know, Soundcloud is the most popular web page for young and perspective musicians. It is a page that is definitely not the most popular page for listening to popular music, but it’s a long-time leader in creating and promoting new and creative waves of music.

People addicted to it have a different and unique taste. They mostly like listening and exploring new and inventive musicians.

If you’re a part of the people who create and you’re on the platform trying to become successful, you’re probably wondering how all these popular guys are doing it? How they manage to have thousands of fans, likes, shares, and listeners and you have none.

In this article, we’re going to break this into pieces, and you’ll learn everything about it. Keep on reading if you want to find out more about how this can be done. But first, let’s give a short answer to the question from the title – it definitely is possible. How? Read on and find out!

How to get more followers?

You probably have a dozen of tracks uploaded but the number of followers is probably smaller than the number of songs. You only have your family following and liking you, right? It’s time to change this!

If you see some people that just created a profile, have no tracks whatsoever, but already have thousands of fans, it’s because they bought these fans. Everyone’s doing it. The reason people do this, I that no one takes them seriously unless they already have a fan base that proves they’re doing something right.

Use social media

Social media for musicians is another excellent tool where you get more followers. There are more networks today all offering great free service where you can promote yourself and get more fans.

Think about the great three – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are some of the most popular today, but don’t forget some of the others. Uploading and promoting your music there and connecting your profile on these networks with the Soundcloud profile can be amazingly beneficial.

Social media is generally used for communication and sharing cool stuff is one of the main reasons why people are there. Every great track can rise to fame through these networks.

Learn about facts

The reason why we say social networks are important is because of the number of potential fans there. Your public is not always consisted of experts, and they like to listen to something that they love. The public may not be interested in listening to new tracks, but they love new cool stuff.

Soundcloud is a place where around 175 people come every month to listen to music. On the other hand, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook combine around 4 billion profiles. Can you imagine the difference? The entire world population is somewhere around 7,5 billion so you can say that it’s more than half of the Earth.

Merge the fan base

Once you start building a network of fans on one social network make sure you merge it with your existing Soundcloud profile. Tell everyone that most of the new pieces are uploaded there and that’s the best and only way for them to be sure that they get to hear the new tracks first.

Of course, this will only raise your popularity in the first place. With the already built fan base through some of the companies offering services like this, and the new fans coming to your profile, you can be sure that fast you’ll gain even more popularity than before.

Make sure you create great stuff

It’s one thing to create a fan base based on the work you do and another to make a fictive image. With the second option, you’ll only be famous for a while. Success is not possible if you fake it all the time but it’s essential to get things started. Learn more about how to be successful here.

While you do your marketing campaign, you need to do some great music too. If you can do this, then be sure that success is inevitable.


You can be sure that getting thousands of fans in a matter of hours is completely possible. From there on the path goes only up.

When people see that you’re doing something that attracts people to your profile and you’re producing hits, they’ll share the information and more and more people will come to your page to see what is it that you do great.

The other option is to work for fans for months if not years. It will take a lot of hard work and a lot of music creating to convince people that you have a talent and there is a reason why they should come over and listen to what is it that you do.