New Or Used: Which Grand Piano To Buy

Almost every piano store across the world including the Sydney piano stores sells both new and used grand pianos. While it feels certainly good to acquire a new grand but if chosen properly keeping certain important points in mind, it is also possible to get a good buy on a used piano

A small comparison

There are certain obvious and definite advantages and disadvantages attached to buying both a new and used piano like:

  • Price: Roughly speaking a used piano which is anything between 15 and 30 years old can cost anything between 35 to 50% less than a new grand. While many people would be surprised with how old certain used pianos are, it is noteworthy to mention here that well-built pianos can even have a life span of more than 30years and still be in perfectly good condition. Thus it is here that a used grand scores better than a new piano.
  • Component of action: This relates to the number of actions that are associated with the proper working of each key. When it comes to playing a piece, these action components can number in thousands when the action is taken into account in totality. In an old piano, irrespective of the number of times it has been tuned and maintained, there is a loosening of these parts due to wear and tear brought on by constant playing and humidity. It might thus have a slightly lighter feel which can impede the flow of a high-end player.
  • Performance: Since age tends to bring about decay and deterioration of the soundboard and its associated parts, an old piano tends to perform well-below its capacity. A new piano, if purchased properly from a good piano store like the Sydney piano stores, has a definite advantage here since the boom of the soundboard is much higher.

Thus, if the person for whom the piano is being bought is a newbie or a beginner, buying an old piano is a justifiable option. But for anyone involved in higher level of piano playing, it is definitely advantageous to opt for a new one.