Top Reasons to Install Dancing Fountains

Whether you want to put something beautiful on your property as a homeowner or to impress potential clients visiting your commercial business, dancing fountains offer a number of benefits. The installation of a water feature is sure to have crossed your mind at one point, but it took this long to seriously consider it for a few reasons. Many people believe water fountains require too much maintenance or that they are costly to install. However, this is not the case, especially with moving fountains. Not only will you dramatically enhance your outdoor space but it can make a huge impact to clients’ perception of your business. Even though fountains are more cost-effective than most believe, they appear opulent, which can say a great deal about your company in the eyes of a potential client.

Simple Maintenance

Dancing fountains are completely simple to maintain, unlike many public misconceptions. Depending on the size of your fountain and whether or not you chose a solar-powered option, the work needed to maintain it can vary. That said, you only need to perform cleaning of a fountain every few months, and a dancing fountain can make a big enough impact to make that infrequent level of work worth it in the end.

Clients Love Them

Even traditional fountains look amazing but dancing fountains add an altogether different atmosphere to your property. Clients and their children are likely to stop and watch the water shoot in and out and you can choose fountains that alternate water patterns for a fresh view each time. The simple choice to install this type of water feature can bring hundreds into your building each year, if only to see what type of business would install such a beautiful addition to their property.

Property Value

Anything added to your property either to increase its beauty or functionality will immediately add real money to your property value. Hopefully, you will eventually need to move to a bigger office due to company growth. Sellers receive 70% to 75% of their investments back on average when they sell, something that any money-conscious owner can appreciate. These are also a great selling point for potential buyers and may start a bidding war, driving the price of your property even higher and lining your pockets. Clients want to see a building already perfect and ready for them to obtain and begin using. By installing dancing fountains, you make it easier for a buyer to utilise your space with minimal work on their part.


Dancing fountains simply look amazing and any addition to your landscaping can make a big difference. Dancing fountains, well-placed trees, and beautiful foliage can change an office building from something imposing and commercial to something inviting and approachable. Depending on the services offered by your company and your target audience, this may be just what you need to capture the attention of important clients. First impressions begin long before your services are experienced and your landscaping and property designs add to a negative or positive view.