Media Advertising – A Way of Life

It is true that human beings are creatures of habit. We tend to get into routines without giving it too much thought, and perhaps the biggest intrusion in our lives, is one that we hardly notice, or indeed are aware of, and that is advertising.

A commercial world

A person born into today’s world is subjected to advertising from the outset, and from then on, it becomes more and more of a factor when we make purchasing decisions. TV advertising is the most effective form of selling, and has been for decades. If a person made an incredible invention, after registering the patents, they would be looking for a TV commercial production company in Australia to produce a short, but powerful video clip, which would launch the product into the world, via the Internet.

TV commercial production 2

The written word

There are different types of media advertising, and some have been around longer than others. The grandfather of them all is text. The printed word is effective, and has long been used by historians for thousands of years to convey a particular message. The brochures and magazines of today are filled with striking images of perfect people, who are either wearing or using the product. Pamphlets can arouse an interest, which leads to an enquiry, and are best handed out in busy places like shopping centres and train stations.


Radio has kept nations enthralled, and is something that makes the creative juices flow. We have no visual image, so based on the audio, we create that image in our minds. Sounds can quickly become repetitive, especially if the melody is catchy, and this is a tactic of some manufacturers. They produce a snappy 15-second jingle, and it catches on. It is then playedon all the radio stations for a week or two, with ever increasing frequency. Then when the consumer is in the supermarket, they will remember the jingle and more often than not, buy that brand.

TV commercial production


This is powerful because it has many dimensions, and is as close to real life, as one can get, at least on a screen. Since the initial days of TV, advertising has been a dominant factor in consumer buying, and continues to create patterns and habits in peoples’ lifestyles. We do not notice the subtle effect that these short ads have on our subconscious, yet many researchers have pointed out just how effective TV commercials can be, if delivered well.

Commercial production

For any short commercial, the manufacturer, or client, would seek out the expertise of a marketing company, who would come up with a concept. Then the story board would be put together, and eventually land in the lap of the production company. This organisation would turn that concept into reality, and if the end result is aired at the right time, with the right frequency, the product should sell.

TV commercial production 1

The cost of a thirty second slot in the middle of the FA Cup final, would be in telephone numbers, as millions of people are watching. Despite the expense, major players return year after year, while striving to find that special something that clicks with the consumer.

TV commercials might be short, but they are very expensive to make, and air. The people behind them are the cream of human creativity, and they consistently hit the right spot with the public.