Rekindle Your Love for the Guitar

When you’ve had the same, singular guitar as long as you have, you can find yourself a little bored with the instrument. Over the years, you’ve discovered all of its quirks and explored the full range of its voice. You’ve improved your skills and now you don’t find it much of a challenge anymore. What once started as something impossibly new and exciting has become old hat. For something as important to you as music, this is the last way you want to think about your hobby. Your guitar is supposed to be your escape; it isn’t supposed to be a chore to play. Before you give up the instrument for good, think about how you can make your practice seem new and fun again. A brand new instrument to explore, plus a few changes to your habits, could be exactly what you need to reinvigorate your interest in music.


It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You don’t need to upgrade from a modest acoustic guitar to a showy signature series Gibson guitar in order to find inspiration behind the fret. A replacement need only bring a sense of novelty to your practice; it shouldn’t actively go against your budget or style of playing. It doesn’t matter if you play classical, acoustic, or electric. If you live in Canada you can find anything you need online, especially when you go visit the best music store online in Canada. These stores will have a huge selection of the best brand name guitars, so you can find the instrument that’s meant for you.

A brand new Fender guitar (or whatever model you choose) will certainly bring some childlike joy to your practice again, but it won’t necessarily solve your problem. Sometimes a plateau in this particular hobby is resultant of the kind of music you’re playing. If it’s been the same genre – particularly the same handful of bands that you’ve copied – for the last few years, you’re due for a mix-up.

The challenge of learning a new genre could be exactly what the doctor ordered. If you’re usually an alt-pop musician, try your hand at jazz. If you’re usually banging along to punk rock songs, switch it up by mastering bluegrass. It doesn’t necessarily have to be such a dramatic change. Merely exploring new musicians may be enough to light a fire. By exposing yourself to new songs, you’ll expand your horizons and you may learn new chords and progressions.

While you’re chasing the rush of the new with a switch in genre, another great way to revive your interest in the instrument is by searching out other musicians. Immersing yourself in a strong community is an easy way to find like-minded people. You can join a weekly jam session to hang out with other guitarists to pick their brains on new techniques. You may find their enthusiasm infectious! You can even admit to them your struggle with the instrument. You may be surprised to see how quickly other guitarists will offer their help.

Before you set down the guitar for good, explore your options. You may only need a few changes to your routine to rekindle your initial love for the instrument. Help yourself by trying out these tips. You may be surprised at how quickly you fall back in love with the practice!