What Services Do Children’s Entertainers Offer?


Children are not always easy to please, especially when they are very young and are not very good at communicating what they want.  Sometimes they are too young to really know what they want and that can make complicate things for parents just trying to throw their daughter a quality birthday party.

Fortunately, there are children’s entertainment companies which offer a variety of amusements to tickle the fancy of any gaggle of kids. Right Choice Children’s Entertainment parties could incorporate any of a number of things that children love, so you can be sure that no matter who shows up, there is something for everyone.

Costume characters are a popular part of many kids parties. Of course, these are interactive and that keeps children engaged for hours.  Clowns, too, help to keep children actively engaged with shows that children love to watch.  And, let’s face it, adults don’t mind the show either.


Kids love face painting.  While the clown or the entertainer is the one wearing the costume or mask, face painting allows children to take on the roll of their favorite super hero or fantasy characters.  Whether they want to be a princess or a monster, face painting lets them bring their creative personalities to life.

Some entertainers might also offer airbrush tattoos. Maybe the party will have some older kids (or some younger kids who want to feel older), so this could be an option for them.


No matter your age, it is hard to deny the simple joy of a good magic trick. And some children’s entertainers know a few sleight of hand tricks to wow and amaze the kiddos.  Parents and teens who catch a glimpse of the show might also find themselves at least a little enthralled.


Making balloon animals doesn’t require any sleight of hand—its not magic—but that isn’t going to stop children from believing that it is.  A great children’s entertainer can probably make a few balloon animals (and other things) in addition to the other amusements they will provide.


Another way that children’s entertainers amuse young children is through puppet shows.  This is yet another form of taking their abundant creativity to the next level.  The puppet show could be related to something they already know—like a movie or a television show—or could be completely made up.  Perhaps the entertainer might even make the storytelling interactive, involving one or two party attendees in the show or asking them to make decisions.