A Musical Theatre Break to enjoy

If you love the theatre, travelling and a heart-rending musical, there’s plenty in store for you when visiting London. A musical theatre break not only provides you with excellent entertainment, it also incorporates staying in the amazing city of London, capital of the UK.

The Go-Between musical tells the story of a man who returns to the Norfolk countryside where his childhood ended. He stays with an old school friend in a country estate, reliving the memories of time spent as a go-between for his friend’s sister and her forbidden secret lover. It’s a coming of age story which shapes his life in the future and one that will leave an impression on those who see the musical.

Many people travel to London purely to go to one of the many theatres. Before travelling why not click on the Go-Between Theatre Breaks website where you’ll see lots of other information about:-

  • Musicals
  • Plays and comedies
  • Hotels to stay in
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Easy travel

London theatre break websites provide not only short breaks but also hotel suggestions and travel options. Breaks usually include tickets to many West End theatres along with discounts on hotel packages and special room rates. If you’re planning a break to London by rail, how about reserving theatre breaks at the same time?


As well as booking theatre breaks there’s also the option of booking train travel to and from London. It’s a great way to benefit from substantial savings to make your London weekend break even more enjoyable. If you’d rather spend an extra night or two in the city to take in more theatre shows, during the booking process check out exactly what’s on offer. It won’t take long to discover a complete range of accommodation and travel deals to suit all budgets.

Don’t miss the hit musical The Go-Between

Don’t miss out on a great evening’s entertainment, The Go-Between. Michael Crawford stars in the lead role, playing Leo Colston in David Wood’s adaptation of the L. P. Hartley novel about the tragic shattering of innocence. Theatre-goers of a certain age still fondly remember Michael as the accident prone Frank Spencer in the unforgettable 1970s hit “Some Mother’s do have ‘Em”. Crawford then went onto to star in a number of musicals:-


  1. Barnum
  2. The Phantom of the Opera
  3. The Wizard of Oz

Appearing as the Wizard in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 2011 revival of the Wizard of Oz at the London Palladium, Crawford once again showed his acting ability which knows no bounds. He has surprised many with his singing voice which he shows off to perfection in The Go-Between.

Nothing like a live show in London

There’s nothing quite like a live show in London. The Go-Between will have you on the edge of your seat as the drama unfolds before your very eyes. Make sure you book up well in advance for theatre tickets, travel and accommodation.