Essential Tips in Choosing the Right Band for your Event

For many, picking the right band is the most significant part of all events. It is the band that gets guests on their feet trying to create a memorable experience. Searching for a band which suits your budget and style can be a difficult task. This can take plenty of research and patience. But you can hire Moon Coin Vancouver event planning company to make the process a lot easier. Here are some things to consider when hiring the right band for your event.

Right Band for your Event

The Band’s Experience

In terms of entertainment, experience is vital. You wish to look for a band which is professional and has knowledge of how to make the event go smoothly. This can only be possible with experience. Know the credible venues the band has played, together with any client they have worked with before.


As the internet comes into life, it has now become possible to look for reviews of bands. In case you cannot find any credible review about a certain band, this can be a bad sign. If references are nowhere to be found, try to talk with some people who have listened to the band play previously.


You might be tempted to hire a band with the help of an agent. However, aside from talking to an agent, make sure you also talk to the band leader. You can easily tell if the band is professional. Also, you can get a feel for the easiness of working with the band. This is a must especially if you are looking to work with the entertainer to customize the event.

Is the Band Known for Reading Music on Stage?

If you have learned that the band reads music on stage, specifically the rhythm part, this can be a consideration.  While reading music live signifies a good musician, this can also indicate an unrehearsed or disengaged band. Musicians who are buried in sheet music cannot engage with other members on stage and on their audience.

Quality Sound and Light Equipment

Often, bands bring mediocre light equipment and sound. Lighting and sound equipment has dramatically improved over the years. For instance, bands which make use of in-ear monitors sound clearer than those with floor monitors. The majority of top bands these days use 10 to 30 multi-colored LED lights and lasers meant for the dance floor and stage area. Lighting sets the mood so ensure that the band comes to your event professionally prepared.