Broadway Play Fish in the Dark Article

What better way to spend an evening while visiting New York, than to take in a Broadway play.

Nowhere else in the world can you experience such high-caliber theatrical performances than right in Broadway’s hometown? You’ve had a wonderful day seeing the sites – the Empire State Building, Now it’s time for a laugh at one of Broadway’s most hilarious plays Fish in the Dark by Larry David.


Larry David is most well-known for his involvement in the co-creation of Seinfeld, alongside Jerry Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Seinfeld is considered by many to be one of, if not the greatest and most influential sitcoms in the history of television. Known simply as “the show about nothing,” Larry’s hit 1990’s sitcom changed the landscape of network TV. Its selfish/nihilistic tone seemed to match the overall national tone. While Larry David may not be the most attractive looking man, he certainly stole America’s hearts with his quick one-liners and unmatched observational humor. His solo creation Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which he stars as a fictional version of himself, has kept him not only relative in the public eye, but also breaking new ground on comedy as a whole.

Larry David

Now Larry David has brought his sophisticated humor style to Broadway in the form of a play called Fish in the Dark. The play revolves around a man – Norman Drexel – a urinal salesman in Los Angeles, who has come to his father’s dying side, along with many other money-hungry, self-proclaimed heirs. On his deathbed, Norman’s father asks that one of his son’s take care of their mother, Gloria. This is where the quandary starts: which son is it? As an audience one can assume that the father meant both of them, or either one, as long as his wife is taken care of, but as Larry David is notorious for not being that easy to read, the play goes on to show the selfishness of family members, even in a moment of such dire states.

Larry David, Greg Mottola

Highly anticipated, Fish in the Dark set the record for advanced ticket sales for a Broadway play and tickets to Fish in the Dark are highly coveted. According to the early reviews, those ticket holders were not disappointed. Larry stole the show, the whole time daring the audience to not laugh. Throughout the play, he “throws the crowd” a reference from the shows that made him a legend. These are the moments that obtain the biggest laughs of the night.

Broadway play

Not everyone can so easily see a Broadway production anytime they want. Often tickets are sold out, and can only be purchased at online ticket sales website such as TicketATM. But most Fish in the Dark reviews have been pretty amazing, so Fish in the Tickets are well worth the effort. It is said that the old-fashioned tone of the play fits nicely with the subject material. Applauding audiences, laughter and standing ovations are one way to sum up the play’s success; another is the million or more dollars the play brings in a week. Audiences and wallets have spoken; Fish in the Dark play is a success all around,