Why you should buy SoundCloud plays?

Even though YouTube has a lot more users than SoundCloud, the second one is still a much better platform for creating music. The first platform has videos with billions of plays while the second onescan’t even get near that number. See a little more about it here.

But it was never about popularity on the Cloud. The alternative scene lives there. These guys eventually do some great stuff and become big in the mainstream world too.

If you’re one of those trying to get through, you need more plays on your tracks. How to get them? Read on and find all about it!

What a SoundCloud play is?

Since it has been launched in 2008, SoundCloud has become one of the largest music sharing place. Through it, all the users are connected and are able to listen to all kinds of music. So, most of the young musicians upload their music here in order to be heard by listeners from around the world. Fastest way of gaining more listeners and fans is to get more and more reach. So, to achieve that, they buy SoundCloud plays.

Why buying plays?

It’s an excellent way of giving a boost to a new song or new artist. The song will look very popular, so it can make a lot of people listen to it. Luckily, it will also affect agents to notice the song and become instantly popular. Also, with this, you can buy not only the plays but also the likes and comments. Using this way of promoting the song, will immediately get the attention of different and more users. The more plays you get, the more of them will come soon. If there are no hits on some song, nobody would play it.

Isn’t that expensive?

Compared to every other method of marketing and promoting your work as a musician, this is the most affordable way of them all. Marketing agencies charge for just sharing their ideas with you and if you want them to actually do something that will be noticed, you’ll have to pay the big bucks.

Instead, you can get by with sums as low as $7. Of course, depending on what you want, you can spend much more and get a lot more attention from the world too. However, you can move the small wheels of the internet by spending very little.

This little amount and getting a little more attention than nothing can be enough push at the moment. Maybe that’s exactly what you need to make things move forward. So, if you’ve been struggling with getting some recognition in the past, don’t hesitate to do this move. You’ll soon realize you should’ve done it sooner.

Are there any disadvantages?

Not really. Unless you want to stay silent and the world never to hear your art. If you do want to make everyone see what you’ve been working on, then this is the best solution. Don’t be afraid of doing this. Everyone has some kind of boost in their careers. Do you think artists like XXXTentacion or Lil Uzi Vert made it without no one helping them? Everyone needs someone to take care of the marketing. See some of the biggest stars of the platform on this link: https://www.thetoptens.com/soundcloud-rappers/

Why is this crucial to your career?

It’s the only way to get the attention needed for future success. This is a matter of human psychology. Not like other people think – self-satisfaction.

You’ll hear people say about buying plays and likes – they only do it to feel big. But this is not the case. You buy plays, likes, followers, or whatever to create an image of success. Every businessman will tell you that you can’t be successful unless you previously show everyone that you already achieved that.

Do you know that one of the first music videos Jay-Z did was throwing money off a yacht claiming to be a millionaire? He wasn’t, and the money was not real, of course, but the image that he showed to the world ultimately made him a millionaire later in life. He was kind of destined for it.


There’s no arguing that over 95% of the work done on the platform won’t become popular in the mainstream world or even on the platform itself. The users rate it but they are the music creators too, so they have the taste and they know what they’re talking about.

If you want to become a success there, you need to do two things – make great music and create an image of success. The one is nothing with the other. You can do amazing work and no one will know about it. Or, you can do good work, and with a little great marketing, you can become an instant success.